Bye bye, Pear

Bye bye, Pear

house of milk-18We adopted Pear in December last year; A tiny mini rex rabbit, at just eight weeks old, he fit perfectly into my cupped hands.

He was quickly claimed by Holly as “her bunny” and he had since spent many hours of each day on the couch with Holly while she played with toys and cuddled him. They were the best buddies and she was instantly obsessed with him.

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Last week we took him to the vets to get desexed as we didn’t want the risk of having baby bunnies as he slept in the same hutch as our older, grumpy lady bunny: Primrose. He was fine, he came home with no complications then three days later we woke up to find Pear had passed away in his inside cage. We have no idea what happened to him and it was so unexpected!

I never thought that his death would have affected me the way it has. I loved him but he had only been part of our family for four months. I was sad for my kids, our grumpy bun; Primrose and I felt guilty for getting him desexed and this being a potential for his passing.

Telling the kids was hard. We waited a couple of hours so that my eyes would stop leaking long enough to chat to them about it. We sat them down and hubby told them that Pear had passed away while we were sleeping. Sam is six years old, he was sitting on the couch with a glazed look, his eyes welled up and I lent forward to hug him. He tried to push me away “I’m not crying Mum! My eyes just sometimes get wet” while Holly looked at me curiously as I was still crying and she gave me a comforting cuddle. “It’s ok Mum, we will get a new Pear and he will not die.” Ahh the blissful innocence of a three year old.

Later that day we took the kids to the garden centre, picked a tree and some flowers and buried Pear under them on our new piece of land. The kids wanted to see Pear and give his soft, lifeless body a little pat and then we said goodbye.

Holly has since come to me saying she wished Pear was still here. There is an empty spot next to her while she plays and I’m pretty sure we will have another wee bunny come to stay with us. It won’t replace Pear but I’m sure he/she will be loved just as much

Bye bye, Pear.

We miss you


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