phil&teds Dash Buggy

phil&teds Dash Buggy

We have had the absolute pleasure of trying out the Dash Buggy by Phil&Teds and it has definitely come in handy the last few months with two sets of little legs to take on family adventures.

The months of August and September have been a very busy with us being away every weekend – many miles have been driven and many steps have been taken…and that’s where the Dash has stepped in to help lighten the load.

Our youngest babe is eight months old and our middle child has just turned three years. Miss Three gets front row in the main seat while the little guys chills in the attached second seat (where he usually falls asleep!)

phil&teds 2

I have so much love for the Dash; it’s lightweight and really easy to fold up and down (with the second seat still attached too which is awesome and so much easier than my last double buggy) It’s nice to know that I can easily do it myself without sending an SOS to my hubby to help out. No muscles needed here!

The three wheels are large (this is one thing I look out for in prams – the smaller the wheels, the bumpier the ride) with suspension in the front which makes for a smooth easy ride for both little passengers and makes it a breeze to push too. We’ve even taken it to the beach and didn’t encounter any stuck or dug-in wheels.

September 2017-48September 2017-49

One of my favourite things about the second seat is you can purchase the Phil&Teds LazyTed attachment so you can take the seat off the pram and into the LazyTed so it becomes a bouncer!

It’s a great invention for when your wee one falls asleep in the pram and you don’t want to take the whole thing inside; you can remove the second seat and clip it straight into the LazyTed attachment without having to wake the babe!

My son is happy to chill out in his when ‘helping’ around the house or hanging out washing.

September 2017-30September 2017-26

You don’t have to have two babes to push around to be able to enjoy the Dash either. The second seat is an optional extra. So if you have your first baby with the plan of expanding your family later down the track you can just purchase the single seat Dash knowing that you only need to buy the Dash Double Kit when the second one comes along.

You can find out more information about the phil&teds Dash at and I’m happy to answer any questions about my personal experience with this pram too, just leave a comment and I’ll reply!

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