The day my husband quit his job…

The day my husband quit his job…
My beautiful trio. The little bird snuggly wrapped in our hug-a-bub organic Ring Sling

I’ll be honest, I’m not much of a blogger. I have an internal struggle of “how much do I share” on the internet – how much is too much? Who the hell reads it anyway?

But I have an online business and I rely on the internet – I rely on that “online presence” with interacting with my customers so here I am; sharing tidbits of my life with a bunch of beautiful strangers.

Two years ago in March 2015 I started my little online business; Buck and Baa.  We lived in Queensland, Australia and had two kids under four. I made merino slouch beanies and leather baby moccasins and it was a good little project in between the playground trips, nappy changes and block building.

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 2.49.36 PM.png

Buck & Baa Merino Pants and Top – Wander Moccasins Oxford Boots

Fast forward two years; throw in a third kid and an International move back to New Zealand. My little business has grown rapidly and taken me from a few hours a week to full time work. I was getting up early in the morning with the kids; doing the school run for the big kid, entertaining the two year old, breastfeeding and napping the wee babe while trying to run a business that desperately needed full time hours spent on it.

SO…one day, in between my tears because of the exhaustion; my beautiful and supportive Husband and I decided that he should quit his job and hang out with the kids while I continued to grow my business.

While we were in Australia he was putting in huge hours at work – 13 hour days, six days a week and he was missing out on our family. He left in the dark hours of the morning and came home just in time for dinner and bed – It was hard on us and it made him realise that money wasn’t everything; family is. So since then, with our move back to New Zealand we wanted to make our lives as friendly as possible on the kids, we want to enjoy them while they are little instead of working away the hours.

It was a huge and incredibly scary decision – and one I’m still terrified by if I’m going to be completely honest. I’ll let you know how things go as we follow this new journey. So far it’s going well – we may be budgeting and missing out on a few luxuries for a while but the kids are enjoying having both parents close by; we’ve actually managed to go on little adventures together instead of me working in the weekends when hubby was home. We’ve been able to go to the beach, rivers, playgrounds and bush walks – it’s been SO NICE.

phil and teds
The smallest kids in their comfy ride: Phil&Teds Dash Buggy



phil&teds 2.jpg
Snuggly Little Bunny having a snooze in his Phil&Teds

I have the best and most supportive husband and I thank my lucky stars on a daily basis that our paths crossed all those years ago. He is amazing to me and an amazing father to our kids. I definitely hit the jackpot!



We have huge plans for Buck and Baa and now that I have the time to dedicate to it, I hope you’ll see it flourish too!

Bring on the challenge and new adventure!


(Zero shame in using that hashy haha).

Buck & Baa Organic Cotton Acorn Kimono Romper



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