House of Milk

House of Milk is my lifestyle blog and photographic journal.

Firstly – I take far too many photos. I am just starting to really enjoy photography – I am an amateur and will admit that I have no training. My creative background is in Graphic Design but I feel the two go hand and hand. This venture started with my Instagram account: @alexathekiwi which has blossomed into my own website to share more than a daily square.

In you will find

  • Renovation/Home Styling: we have just bought our second house in a small rural town in New Zealand and we are doing the hard work in making it our beautiful family home. It’s a slow process but it will be so rewarding when we can sit back and enjoy our kids running around on our small 1/4 acre block!
  • Family Adventures: I want to look back on my blogging adventure and be proud to show my kids the fun adventures we did while they were growing up
  • “What my kids’ wear/play with/use” I like to support other businesses. I’m an especially big fan of fair trade companies, organic fibres, wooden toys, genius and practical parenting products.
  • Random musings: I talk too much and take too many photos….they both need to be shared

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