Ezra’s Room

Ezra’s Room

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We sold our house and bought a new “doer-upper” when Ezra was only three weeks old. (crazy, yes!) I was never able to “nest” and create his nursery when I was pregnant as the old house didn’t have a spare room to give him so I held out until we moved.

…even then, I still had to be patient as this room was used as my work room and he was sleeping in with us in the master bedroom. FINALLY when he was nine months old we were able to move out my things and renovate his room.

We still haven’t finished – I would like to add some more decor pieces and it still hasn’t got carpet (we are waiting until the master room is painted so we can carpet all the rooms at the same time. The wooden floors would be lovely to keep but it gets too cold here in winter so carpet is essential – especially in the kids’ rooms.

I have no theme for his room, I’m probably a bit eclectic in the fact that I change my mind and can’t decide on a set “theme” … I choose things I love, and I’ll make them fit!

The winning piece is that bloody amazing wallpaper! I feel in love with it the moment I saw it and NEEDED IT. I ordered it through Lewis’ and it was here in two weeks all the way from Europe.

I would have loved to get a new cot as this one is a bit bulky but he’ll only be in it for a few more months so it would have been a waste of money! I’d much rather use those funds to go towards carpet …. or curtains!

Scroll down for links of where to find some of the goodies in the photos.

Any questions, let me know! Feel free to link in the comments some decor pieces you think may fit his room too!

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  1. Wallpaper: Boras Tapeter “Polarn” from www.lewiss.co.nz
  2. Teddy | Carnivora print |Mammoth push toy | Mammoth rocker: all from www.dappermrbear.com
  3. Wooden ring stacker | Maple Leaf Lacing Toy: www.thetreehutclub.co.nz
  4. Leather oxford boots: www.wandernz.com
  5. “Ezra” bamboo name: www.lovefromseventeen.com


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