Mr & Mrs say “I Do”

Mr & Mrs say “I Do”

Sometimes you just have to say yes to those questions that scare the absolute shit out of you.

You know the ones that you have to r-e-a-l-l-y think about, ask everyone around you what you should do even though you know deep down what your answer is right from the beginning?

One of those questions for me was “will you photograph our wedding?”


What a huge responsibility – a whirlwind of thoughts consumed me for the next couple of weeks: am I good enough, will my photos be good enough, what if I fuck it up? 

Regardless of those thoughts; I said yes.

Sometimes you just need to push yourself and enter the world of “holy shit, what have I done” and ride the wave! Life shouldn’t be an easy ride and sometimes those moments outside of your comfort zone can be some of the best memories.

…Well six weeks ago,  I had the absolute pleasure of photographing two friends getting married. It was a welcome change from my usual models of fast moving, non-negotiating toddlers. My sister joined me on the “holy shit” wave and had her camera snapping some gems too! 

The bride and her bridesmaids arrived on an old bus and that was the mode of transport to and from our photoshoot location too!

Here are a couple of photos that made the cut. I can see why people love being photographers as their choice of career.

p.s. I don’t think I fucked it up

x Alexa

Matt & Mel - Wedding_-16Matt & Mel - Wedding_-40Matt & Mel - Wedding_-28Matt & Mel - Wedding_-23

busMatt & Mel - Wedding_-8Matt & Mel - Wedding-6




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