Simplifying Christmas Gifts

Simplifying Christmas Gifts


…well, trying to!

This year I have been seeing the “want, need, read, wear” posts all over social media and it’s a great idea!

So this year for my kids my gift buying “strategy” was:

  • One thing they have on their wish list
  • A couple of Schleich animals to add to the collection (let’s face it, I’m collecting them for myself haha)
  • Story books
  • An “active” gift so they get moving
  • a couple of pieces for their bedrooms because we are renovating.

We are avoiding plastic for the most part and the best part about the haul is: I only shopped at six stores! I did it all online and was over and done with in a week!

For my daughter, she’s getting a new balance bike as her main gift. The Kinderfeets brand from Baby First is beautifully made from bamboo and it will grow with her too!

holly's gift edit

  1. Lagomorpha Print:
  2. Kinderfeets Balance Bike:
  3. Schleich Wild Vet:
  4. Wooden Cutting Veges:
  5. Wooden Cutting Fruit:
  6. Schleich Baby Pig and bottle:
  7. “Florette” Book:
  8. “This is Sadie” Book:

My Son is six years old and doesn’t really play with toys much these days. He loves building lego and drawing. His room has been the first to get a makeover and he picked an ocean theme so we have picked this beautiful print and pillowcase from Dapper Mr Bear – they’ll fit in perfectly!

Sam's gift edit

  1. Cetacea print:
  2. Basketball and Junior basketball hoop:
  3. Schleich Leatherback Sea Turtle: 
  4. Sperm Whale Pillow case:
  5. Ninjago Lego Set:
  6. “Insect Emporium” Book:
  7. “Hello, Atlas” Book:
  8. Schleich Narwhal:

My youngest Son will be one in January so he’s not really in need of any toys, but I can’t leave him out so he’s getting some beautiful wooden items and bath toys! A couple of these pieces will be saved for his birthday which is in the first week of January.

This Kinderfeets three wheeler bike from Baby First is the shortest balance bike on the market and converts to a two wheeler when your babe is ready for the next level. It’s good for ages from 1 year to 2 years so he’ll get a lot of use from it and will then be able to upgrade to my daughters bigger one when she is ready for a pedal bike!

Ezras gift edit

  1. “This Moose Belongs To Me” Book: 
  2. “Home” Book: 
  3. Natural Wooden Stacker:
  4. “Paul” the bear:
  5. Boon Marco light-up bath toy: 
  6. Kinderfeets Three Wheeler: 
  7. Boon “creatures” water cups:
  8. Maple Leaf wooden lacing toy:
  9. “‘Carnivora” print: 
  10. Wild Animals Wooden Puzzle: 


Santa sacks in featured image are from Willow Boutique 

* This blog post is not sponsored 🙂

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